The Psychology Major’s Handbook by Tara L. Kuther

The Psychology Major’s Handbook

Book Title: The Psychology Major’s Handbook

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

ISBN: 0155085115

Author: Tara L. Kuther

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Tara L. Kuther with The Psychology Major’s Handbook

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THE PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR'S HANDBOOK offers undergraduate students the information they need to make informed decisions about whether to pursue psychology as a major and career, and to succeed in psychology. The author encourages the student to become an active learner and take control of his or her education and future. The first chapter introduces students to the scope of psychology and the subspecialties within psychology. It also provides information on the wide range of settings in which psychologists work. Subsequent chapter's help students assess their skills, abilities, and interests, as well as develop habits and strategies that promote success in psychology classes. Career opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels are presented so students can decide whether psychology is an appropriate major for them. Other chapters discuss the world after college including detailed suggestions on how to find a job with a B.A., and how to apply to graduate school.