Salvaging Sisterhood by Julia V. Taylor

Salvaging Sisterhood

Book Title: Salvaging Sisterhood

Publisher: Youthlight Inc

ISBN: 1598500007

Author: Julia V. Taylor

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Julia V. Taylor with Salvaging Sisterhood

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Salvaging Sisterhood is a group curriculum designed to teach relationally aggressive girls how to effectively communicate with one another, opposed to about one another. It explores the important dynamics of female friendships and is designed to:

Raise awareness about relational aggression
Help girls develop empathy
Lessen incidence of gossip, rumor spreading, and backstabbing
Teach girls to stand up for themselves, without involving a third party
Help girls develop a strong sense of self
Teach healthy conflict
Teach girls to diffuse their anger, without disrespecting each other
Provide a safe, educational, and fun environment for girls to explore and share their feelings related to girl bullying

Although the intention for Salvaging Sisterhood is to be conducted in a small group format, most of the activities can be adapted for classroom counseling and large group settings. It can be used by professional school counselors, teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, psychologists, community leaders, and/or parents. Salvaging Sisterhood will teach girls how to be positive leaders and role models, without being mean.